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XS Self Cooking Center - Brand New from Rational!

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A small unit with the same performance, efficiency and intelligence as our other SelfCookingCenter® models.

100 % performance, 100 % food quality, 100 % intelligence

We at Crystal Catering are extremely proud to introduce the compact Rational XS.

Compact and capable of sitting onto a 600mm work bench, the XS model loses no functionality against the bigger versions especially in terms of features or performance.

A 2/3 GN unit, the XS takes up a space on the counter or bench of just 0.2 metres squared and still has the full power and intelligence associated with its larger units, but in a unit that is just 555mm deep, 655mm wide and 567mm high.

Suitable for supermarkets, petrol stations, cafés and coffee shops, or for a professional kitchen where space is limited, the XS opens up a vast range of menu options.

A full range of cooking accessories have also been produced in the appropriate 2/3 size, including grilling and pizza trays, cross and stripe grill grates, and roasting and baking trays.


  • Intelligent cooking power offered in a 6 x 2/3 GN footprint.
  • Full range of cooking accessories developed in the appropriate 2/3 size.
  • Start screen has been modified and faster CPU is designed to improve operational usage.
  • New features include rack signalling, whereby a blinking LED light signals which rack needs to be loaded or unloaded.

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